Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Should I buy Coins?

Bitcoin is available through almost every exchange and most will accept wire transfers or payment using your debit card. Other coins vary by exchange.

is my bitcoin safe?

Coins stored on exchanges are NOT safe. Follow best practices as detailed here.

Where should I store my coins?

There are a variety of methods of storing crypto coins. The safest being cold storage (offline storage). Other methods include hardware wallets such as Trezor and Nano.

Where should I buy?

This question is simple to answer. IF you have made a decision to get involved in crypto the time to buy is now! Waiting to time the market perfectly is to rely on luck more than sound judgement. The fact is that crypto is still very new and most people are not yet involved. With coins such as Bitcoin, where there is limited supply then the price can only realistically increase (basic rule of supply and demand dictates). Obviously when mining, the sooner you begin the sooner you will be rewarded with coins – assuming you do not fall for a scam (read here for more on this).

How Do I Get Paid in Crypto?

You will need to create a wallet or for temporary storage use an account at an exchange.

Crypto & Taxes

Governments are working to decide exactly how they will tax crypto. My understanding is that in the US for example crypto will be taxed as income rather than capital gains. THIS IS NOT TAX ADVICE and you should DEFINITELY seek professional advice regarding your tax liabilities. I am always happy to pay taxes because that means I have made money!

is bitcoin a bubble?

The current (Feb 2018) crash of the price is just a correction. Expect prices to rise later in the year.

Which coins are best?

Truthfully nobody really knows which will be the best in the long term. Clearly those with a REAL application and solution to a problem will be the ones that have most value.